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With a one-year break during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Edinburgh festival is back! Inheritance Media is delighted to return to Edinburgh for inspiration.
Inheritance Media was created to bring together talents and expertise in the creative and technology industries.
Promoting talent and creativity by leveraging technology!



Inheritance Media has brought together talent from the film and TV and industries to create a digital escape game powered by the Inheritance Media platform. The first production, "London Calling" will be available to the general public soon. "London Calling" comprises high production value sequences, 3D immersion and a powerful storyline set in the murky world of cybersecurity.
In a more traditional format, Inheritance Media is behind the "Kill Qode" trilogy, starting with the groundbreaking prequel "Victors Revenge".
Also in the pipeline is the satirical take on infidelity and treachery in the cultural festival industry - "Festival Lover".



Inheritance Media has conceived and built several innovative web-based platforms, including:
  > Early platform for Internet distribution of films and TV series.
  > Crowd funding platform for independent films.
  > The technology behind MrFootage, the web-based film footage library.
  > The pilot platform for Eventival, now the world's leading film festival software.
  > The KINUVA Digital Escape Game solution.


About Us

Inheritance Media Ltd. was created by Adrian Johnson in 2005. Building on Adrian's entrepreneurial experience in the media, telecommunications and education sectors, Inheritance Media is the vehicle to combine the experience, talent and knowledge in a value-creating, innovative venture.

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